00 free guarana with fillet of fried fish (sole) with puree or


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Good morning clients and friends!!!
Do not stay out of our delicious homemade taste! ask for your lunch in the warm Emilia

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Prato do dia 17/01 / 18- Wednesday

(12.00 free guarana with fillet of fried fish (sole) with puree or salda

bait of liver acebolado with puree

(Rice, beans and farofa)

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✔ chickpea grilled 12,00

✔baked chicken 13,00

✔ chickpea à parmegiana- 13,00

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✔ potato salad
✔batata frita
✔ vegetable salad
✔silver salad
✔ onion rings

we have brown rice!!!!
✳you can make your plate of the day with 1 type of meat + 1 type of accompaniment

we accept debit card (with an extra of 1.00 per pipeline)

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