Omelet with bacon R $ 12


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Good Morning! Our Menu of Today!

Filé de Peixe R $ 12,00

Carre C / Couve R $ 12,00

Steak with French fries R $ 15.00

Omelet with bacon R $ 12,00

Chicken breast to Milanesa R $ 12,00

All with accompaniment of: rice, Beans, farofa, pasta, salad, natural guaraná and a
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Food basket
10 kg sugar, 10 kg rice, 5 kg beans, 4 bottles of oil, 500 grams of coffee, 1 kg of wheat flour, 1 kg of flour manioc, 1 kg of salt, 500 grams of pasta noodles, 1 kg of spaghetti pasta, 500 grams of dried meat, 1 st corn, 1 tbl guava, 1 vinegar, 1 sardine, 1 tomato extract, 2 biscuits cream 1 cup of Nescau, 1 tin of milk nest
Cleaning kit
1kg soap powder, 1 detergent, 3 soaps, 1 PCT of steel sponge, 1 toothpaste, 1 pt of soap in paste, 2 lt softener, 2 lt deodorizer, 2 PCT of toilet paper with Foma of payment
199 the view in cash
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