Activists say the salary is now closer to 20


Only 1.3 billion / apartment 2 bedrooms – 2 full furniture toilet
☎ LH: 0913444811
< FLC Green Home - The new project of FLC Group at 18 Pham Hung opens for sale in January, 2017 after the perfect market debut of FLC Complex 36 Pham Co owns the center of AN CU right at the center. TOUCH OF VACATION
BIRTHDAY opportunity 2-2.5tr / m2 in 8-12 months with only 1.3T – First payment of nearly 300TR

Located on the axis of blood circulation PHAM HUNG – PHAM VAN DONG, next to MYD MOTORBAR for vehicles in the province, focus more Grade A office, headquarters of the Ministry of National University, Doan Thi Diem, Hospital 198, Big C Supermarket, Nhan Chinh Park… SMALL HOUSE – DESIGN REASONS – AREA OF 51-63-73-82 m2 for 2-3 room – DESIGN ALL APARTMENTS IN THE APARTMENT WITH NATURAL LIGHT – THE AREA OF COMFORT FOR THE GIA DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU WANT TO HAVE A CHILD RESTAURANTS?

Hoi An has 5 HIGH LAYING STORES (avoid accumulation of gas, avoiding waterlogging)
Full high-class facilities with shopping center, gym & spa, garden, swimming pool, playground.. .

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