All of the female birds in an established community put their


Before I get into the latest hate list, I’d like to take this time to apologize to you, the reader, for breaking no less than three of my own rules over the last three weeks. Took cover under an obnoxiously oversized umbrella during a rain storm, texted during a movie in the theater, and perhaps most egregiously, engaged in and even initated a lot (PG rated) PDA. Moral of the story is that women are evil.

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If a child lives in an atmosphere of jealousy, he learns that if the child lives in an atmosphere of excessive interest, he learns not to rely on himself. Someone told me: “I hit my children because cruelty gives fear .” It is true that you won the fear but you lost love and appreciation, which is the first?

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I blame my brothers when they hit their children and I hit my children, I said education is not too much reading If you lose your temper while teaching your children, do not throw the book away or shut it down strongly. This is a negative message about not loving science, adjust your nerves and be compassionate

Teaching children is difficult but difficult

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