Allah is the greatest God is greatest


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God is great God is greatest God is greatest God is no god but Allah – Allah is greater God is greater Praise be to Allah – Allah is greater God is greater God is greater There is no god but Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allahu Akbar There is no god but Allah. Allah is the greatest God is greatest. Praise be to Allah.

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It is said in the Abbasid period that a Damascus merchant always challenged his colleagues and said to them: “I have never lost a trade in my life, and I have not lost it.” They said to him that it is the seventh impossible to sell Temra in Iraq and win because the dates there are available as dirt in the desert, he said to them: I accepted the challenge and bought Temra imported from Iraq and proceeded east to the capital of the Abbasid caliphate at the time. A trip to Mosul where spring was Mosul is one of the most beautiful cities in northern Iraq by nature h Yith was called Umm al-Rubaieen because it is summer and winter is spring, his daughter had lost her neck on the way back from the trip Vbkt and complained ordered the Caliph and trusted search and found the residents of Baghdad and seduced that he finds the necklace of his daughter has a great reward and will be superseded by any of the daughter of the Caliph The Damascene merchant to the outskirts of Baghdad found people like madmen going to the mainland to search for the necklace and asked them what is wrong with them??!! They told him their story and said the great and sorry We forgot to take Zada ​​and we can not return for fear that the rest of the world ahead of us, The Damascene merchant: I sell you Tamara, and they buy dates from it with the most expensive He said to him: Tell me, O Moulay, may God keep you from your day, I am from the day I practiced the trade. “He said to him:” I have won the challenge.

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