American scientist Benjamin Franklin adopted bifocal lenses in


The Yankees’ signing of free agent slugger/strikeout artist Chris Carter doesn’t exactly thrill me because Carter is exactly the kind of player I don’t like a one trick pony home run hitter who does nothing else of value. He led the majors with 41 homers for the Brewers last season, and he also led the majors in strikeouts with 206 while batting.222 in 549 at bats and playing a mediocre to worse first base. On the positive side, Carter is a pretty cheap $3 million insurance policy in case Greg Bird cheap oakleys, who missed all of 2016 with a shoulder injury, can’t cut it full time, and Carter will also get a few games as a DH against left handers..

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fake oakley sunglasses By 1462 concave lenses were being employed to correct farsightedness, but more advances were on the way. American scientist Benjamin Franklin adopted bifocal lenses in 1784 so as to avoid the need to carry two kinds of glasses with him everywhere since he suffered from both nearsightedness and farsightedness, although claims that he actually invented bifocals is unsubstantiated. By 1825, the very first lenses capable of correcting astigmatism were produced by a British Astronomer, George Airy.. fake oakley sunglasses

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