and the rest today, take 1 form of the form



I do not tell you be Istanbul

You tell yourself
Galata Köprünü tell
I live in the small bloody fish holders
Describe the shrunken ones in the dark corners
The other side has been burning since < br>

I do not tell you be Istanbul

You tell yourself
Eminonu, Sirkeci
Mahmutpaşa’ndaki, Covered Bazaar ‘


Bosphorus Ferry to Adalar
Ferry to Kadıköy, Üsküdar
How many passengers are on the run
How many passengers are young

How many passengers are there, How many passengers are there
How many passengers are there, How many passengers are there, sober

Somewhere in the midst of a runaway hopelessness – be Istanbul

I do not tell you be Istanbul

You tell yourself
How many baboons in the streets of the small streets
How many children have you cried
How many girls are you want to lose How many regrets

How many regrets have you born? br>

I do not tell you be Istanbul
You tell me yourself

Why do you love people? Why do you stay connected to you? Why can not you leave or why you should leave? You will not want to leave
You will remain a part of it
You will be magic
What will you be Istanbul

What’s in your tree
What’s in the ground
How many breads in the bakery are enough
Enough is enough in Istanbul
You tell

I do not tell you Istanbul in you
You kendin narrate
Opposite when there is a ready listener


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and the rest today, take 1 form of the form .
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