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Valentino Replica He or she can evaluate you to make sure that medication or another illness is not causing your symptoms.Your doctor may prescribe treatment or refer you to a mental health care professional, who can perform a thorough assessment so that an effective course of treatment can be recommended.How is depression in MS diagnosed?A person will be assessed as being clinically depressed if they have at least 5 of these symptoms for at least two weeks:Depressed mood, hopelessness and despairSignificantly reduced interest or pleasure in activitiesChanges in appetite and noticeable weight changeInsomnia or excessive sleepingFeelings of excessive restlessness or sluggishness Fatigue, loss of energyFeeling worthless, excessive or inappropriate guiltInability to think, concentrate or make decisionsRecurring thoughts of death or suicideHow is depression treated?The first step in treating depression is recognising that you are depressed. The second step is getting help. These two steps may in fact be the hardest part of the entire treatment process. Valentino Replica

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