(As an intriguing side note, these sacred and divine records


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FREE – Pilates Breathe

Good afternoon galerinha!!!!
What used to be good has now gotten better!
For those who do not know yet, I’m back to Pilates!

I will be teaching classes at the following times:

Days – Mondays / Wednesdays / Fridays
Schedule – 08: 15hs to 11hs

Dias – Tuesdays and Thursdays
Schedule – 7am ​​to 11am

Dias – Monday
Schedule – 4pm to 5pm

Dias – Wednesdays and Fridays
Schedule – 4pm to 8pm

New classes to beginning in JANUARY 2018!!! To win the discount just share this ad and bookmark 3 friends.

I’m waiting for you!

Every day is Pilates day here in #RespirePilates

Contact us through our Contact our ADM @ bellabastos79

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Call and make your request tel: 3025-0534 / 96410-4181 or by Page and Facebook even by the We assist in the Neighborhoods of: Father Miguel, Bangu, Realengo, Sulacap, Mallet, Magalhães Bastos, Senador C will love,
Monday to Sunday
18 at 00 pm

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