At an early age, Nicholas was squeezed into the russet


Cooper; Bradley J. Cowgill; Jason E. Espada; Marcus C. In the name of God the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

– Which is more than the limit, God willing ((we carried you in the ongoing)) and did not come down anything from the wind only Bakil on the hands of the king only a day that he authorized her without the tank came out, that is the verse ((wind strong Cruelty)) and this is the Almighty grateful to people ( In the neighbor)), a ship on the water ((to make it a ticket to you)) and we kept you of its kind riding on the water stream in the sea Qatada said: God kept the ship until it realized the first of this nation and the first showed, and this is why he said: ((and conscious conscious ear)) and understand this blessing and remember it conscious ear. From the Book of Allaah Almighty, the Dhahaq said: “Whoever has a valid hearing and a rational mind, this is a general rule in all who are understanding and aware.” Allaah reminds us of the days that preceded… “(to make it a reminder to you).” To remind you of the consequences of the oppressors and the consequences of the benefactors…

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“Jumping into the water is much ado about nothing,” he said. “It’s cold, but you’re only in for a few seconds. Getting out, now that’s harder.

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