Bespoke and Nigerian Made


Before the Made in Nigeria slogan took on a new cool, very few fashion brands in Nigeria prided themselves of being local companies. Creative Director of the luxury handbag brand, Miss Lola Adeoti, same name as the brand, has been a longtime advocate of everything Nigerian – from sourcing of materials to finishing – when creating something; in her case, a handbag.
Lola Adeoti makes genuine leather accessories (bags, wallets and cases), using vegetable tanned leather and real hides and skin. The Lola Adeoti brand began as Ankara bags sometime in 2013. It was in her quest for something more challenging that Lola took a liking for leather.
The process of creating a Lola Adeoti bag according to Lola starts with sourcing of the leathers – which are sourced locally from Nigeria. “I take extra care in my sourcing of the leathers, and also in my finishing.”
Comfortable, Lola Adeoti bags are also bespoke, and not mass produced. Each bag is tailored according to the needs of each client. So if you own a Lola Adeoti bag, you can be sure you’re rocking a bag that can only be owned by less than 20 other women in the whole world.
Depending on the design, to own a bespoke Lola Adeoti bag takes between one to three days, and when compared with the same quality of any internationally made branded bag, Lola Adeoti bags are very affordable.
With clients in African countries like Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa, and expanding into the USA, a typical Lola Adeoti client, according to Lola, is anyone looking to own a classic leather bag at a good price.
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