But what about their effect on health?Experts say the practice


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Dental health and oral piercingsTongue studs, tongue splitting and piercings to the lips and cheek are popular fashion statements, particularly among teenagers and young people. But what about their effect on health?Experts say the practice is accompanied by a number of risks, including infections and damage to teeth and gums.A popular form of self expressionResearch carried out in 2016 by the Oral Health Foundation found that tongue piercing led in the oral piercing popularity stakes. Among 214 people questioned about their piercings:43% had opted for a tongue piercing33% had a lip piercing7% had a gum piercing and 3% a cheek piercingThe poll also revealed that 13% of those quizzed had multiple piercings.Tooth damageIt is possible you might crack a tooth if you bite down hard on your tongue stud.

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