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Subsequent anthologies published by the Bulgarian Haiku Club were thematically organised, as was reflected in their titles: The Flower, The Rose, The Bird, The Road. Their inclusion brought to the forefront the contrast between their works (especially if it was translated well enough) and the tercets by some of the Bulgarian haijin. Most of the latter were still searching for their haiku paths, but often went astray writing over poetic pieces, in which they used personification, comparison, metaphors and abstractions.

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Lynx, while bigger than fox, spend much of their time sitting quietly or moving slowly so they need warm fur, and it has an owl feather softness that allows the big cats to slip silently in dense brush. The fur isn’t as dense and heavy as fox, yet the hide is a little thicker, making it a good option for mittens as well as hats. Fox and lynx make pretty ruffs but the soft hair packs and freezes when breath condensation collects on it.

“I would reconsider amending rules in the future, if that would clearly strengthen protection of the waterway,” Sumption said. “As important as recreation is to our mission, it has to be balanced with our need to protect resources that make recreation possible. Changing rules, especially in a way that might encourage more visible riverside development, is contrary to the purpose of the scenic waterway system.”.

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“I probably felt bad for myself until I got to campus,”Oberfeld said. “I was like, ‘Man, this sucks. I’m not going to be able to play my senior year.’ Then I got here and realized if I lived like that it was going to be miserable. Risks are always there. The problem with fire is it threatens life, people can get injured, people can get burn wounds. Underground it is a massive risk, because underground you can escape and it also takes away the air you breathe.