The Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, headed by Bukola Saraki, had on Wednesday 14TH December 2016, asked President Muhammadu Buhari to suspend the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Engr. Babachir Lawal and ensure his prosecution over alleged breach of Nigerian laws in handling contracts awarded by the Presidential Initiative for the North East, (PINE).


In an interim report submitted by an ad-hoc committee of the Senate on “mounting humanitarian crisis in the North East” led by Shehu Sani same day, they alleged that the SGF received N233 million contract to clear invasive plant species in Yobe State through a company, Rholavision Nigeria Limited, incorporated in 1990 of which Lawal remained a director of the company till September 2016, over a year after his appointment, in breach of Nigeria’s code of conduct for public officials as enshrined in the 1999 constitution.


In their hurried shabby submission of an interim report and apparently determined to settle scores with the SGF, the Senate has shown to Nigerians the level of depravity a collection of individuals elected by their constituents to represent them can willingly sink to in a bid to ensure no obstacle is met to ensure their ability to continually loot Nigeria in the name of law making. It also calls for vigilance from all well-meaning Nigerians as this democracy we so freely enjoy today is facing its biggest threat through organized concocted blackmail by an arm of government for selfish needs.


While we do not want to dwell much on their sponsored media fanfare & campaigns, it is important to point out to them that their actions represent nothing short of treason, especially for Bukola Saraki to use unsubstantiated information as a tool of blackmail against President Muhammadu Buhari by saying the world is watching how he will treat the allegations against Lawal.


So Nigerians are then asking, what are really these allegations? How true & factual are they? Who are the individuals that conducted these investigations and how did they come up with their findings? Whose vested interests were carried out through the funding of the ad-hoc committee? Is this not the same Senate where Bukola Saraki, their leader, is facing trial for fraud, false declaration & corrupt practices at the CCT, for which Nigerians called on him to resign as Senate President, to which his fellow Senators vehemently rejected? Why the hurried pronouncement via an interim report when the facts have not been properly corroborated by relevant law enforcement agencies who have the equipment & capacity for forensics? What exactly is the media campaign by Saraki calling for resignation of Lawal aimed at achieving?


These are the facts of the case:

(1). The company, Rholavision Nigeria Limited was incorporated in December 1990 by Babachir Lawal. (2). Babachir Lawal resigned from the board of Rholavision on 18th August 2015. (3). Babachir Lawal submitted his resignation via a letter duly written and signed by him, on his letterhead to the company in question, and the board was duly reconstituted also because a Director of the company had died at the time. (4). Babchir Lawal was appointed Secretary to the Government of the Federation on  27thAugust 2015. (5). The senate committee, acting out their masters script, presented a document in which there were mutilations & alterations, as a document emanating from the CAC to insinuate that Babachir Lawal did not resign from Rholavision until September 2016. (6). It is a known fact that the CAC does not endorse mutilated or altered documentation with regards to anything associated with company registration or amendments. It is therefore foolish & indeed irresponsible for the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria through an ad-hoc committee to tender a mutilated document as emanating from CAC. It is also on record that the CAC HAS DENIED ISSUING ANY DOCUMENT TO THE SENATE AD-HOC COMMITTEE. (7). The Senate committee NEVER invited Babachir Lawal at anytime during their supposed investigations & findings. (8). Rholavision Nigeria Limited, as a duly registered company in Nigeria & with her board, applied for the project in question WITH NO INPUT WHATSOEVER from Babachir Lawal, and on meeting all due process requirements was awarded the project by the Presidential Committee on the North East and not Babachir Lawal. (9). It is a fact that a Senator who is a close associate of the Senate President, applied for the same job using a proxy company and not meeting due process requirements, was not considered. The said Senator, using the influence of the office of the Senate President, used every form of intimidation to try to sabotage every process ongoing with the intervention projects in the IDPs. (10). Bukola Saraki’s anger is because Babachir Lawal is coordinating his trial at the CCT and all overtures to him including huge sums of money through proxies acting as sympathizers, to make the government drop the case has met brick walls

We decided to state the above facts explicitly, not for want of defending Babachir Lawal, but to expose the fraud & deceit going on in the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria under the leadership of Bukola Saraki. Engr. Babchir Lawal broke no law of the land as being propagated by our Senate. On the other hand, he showed utmost respect for our constitution and his principal, President Muhammadu Buhari, by ensuring adherence to public service engagement rules. He understand the enormity of his position as the SGF under a regime of Change, and the agents of corruption fighting back know that if the SGF is an obstacle on their part, they will not have access to milk the MDAs dry in the name of oversight functions. They also know that their padding jamboree will continue to be exposed, and constituency allowances expunged soon. He is a thorn in their flesh so, he must go.

The sad tale in all of this is that Nigerians have unknowingly played into the hands of our National Assembly. They have become a government of sorts on their own, especially now that this administration is fighting a war on all fronts to kill corruption. Their tool is blackmail. Unfortunately, we all saw this coming from the day this government was born but did nothing when it was time to rise up against this monster…or how else can any discerning Nigerian explain Bukola Saraki’s statement requesting that active investigations against his wife Toyin, Ike Ekweremadu, Godswill Akpabio & Stella Odua be dropped?

If there is a time to finally nail the coffin on Bukola Saraki and the National Assembly, it is now.

This is a call to action!