Ethiopia army dispatches team to probe Moyale killings


The Command Post enforcing a state of emergency in Ethiopia has sent condolences to families of persons it says were mistakenly killed after defense forces acted on wrong intelligence last Saturday.

Initial reports suggested that nine people were killed in the town of Moyale – a border town with Kenya after soldiers shot at them. The number is said to have reached ten.


A Command Post representative Lieutenant General Hassen Ibrahim, told state-run FBC that a team had been dispatched to ascertain the real facts on the ground. He also confirmed that about a dozen others were injured in the incident.

He further confirmed reports that the battalion had been dispatched to intercept suspected terrorists belonging to the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) – a banned group.

The FBC report added: “Five members of the defense force including the commander have been disarmed and kept in custody for investigation. The findings of the investigation will be announced soon,” Lieutenant General Hassen said.

Meanwhile, outrage by Ethiopians continue to mount online. Since the report broke over the weekend, several people averred that there was no mistake in the incident but rather a calculated and deliberate act on the part of the government.

Some Ethiopians especially on Twitter have added it to a list of massacres carried out by the army in the Oromia region – the country’s largest and the heartbeat of anti-government protests dating as far back as 2015.