Executive Suiten sind auf jeder Etage zu finden


Kit fiesta show 99152-8867
R $ 70 – Boa Vista

Kit fiesta show We sell candles from 1.00 Contact: 99152-8867 / 99151-4400 / 99131-5266

Simple kit
70,00 without theme
A cake serves 12 people with 75 salted and 25 brigadeiros

Kit 80,00 with theme plates or rice paper
One Cake serves 12 people
100 savory and 25 brigadiers

Kit 110,00 with rice paper
One cake serves 30 people
150 savory and 50 brigadiers

Kit 120, 00 with plates / tops
A cake serves 30 people
150 savory and 50 brigadiers

Kit 125,00 beer theme
A model beer pie, serves 30 people
150 salted and 50 brigadeiros

Kit 160,00 with rice paper
A cake serves 50 people with 200 salted and 50 brigaderos

Kit 170,00 with plates / topos < A cake serves 50 people
200 savory and 50 brigadeiros

Kit 200,00 rice paper or plates
Rectangular (2 small cakes)
Round (1 medium cake and 1 cake PP) 2 00 salgados and 50 brigaderos

Kit 285,00
Rectangular (1 large bowl and 1 medium cake)
Round (1 medium cake, 1 small cake and 1 cake PP)
300 salted and 100 brigadeiros

Contact: (95) 99152-8867 / 99131-5266 / 99151-4400
Facebook Hailene Sobral (kit party show)

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* Calabrian potato and potato hut
* Potato hen and strogonoff
* Bolognese lasagna with white sauce
* Lasagna with chicken
* Lasagna with ham and cheese < Chicken Rondelli
* Rondelli Cheese and Ham
* Cheese Pancake
* Cheese Pancake and Ham
* Beef Pancake
* Chicken Pancake
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* Mini pudding
* Pudding in slice
* Pudding

> Flavors: traditional, coconut and milk * Mini Mousse
* Whole Mousse
> Flavors: passion fruit, lemon, * Traditional pâté
* Chocolate pudding
* Traditional French toast
* French toast and condensed milk
* French toast stuffed with sweet milk

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