Fashion: Dress up even for small errands


I do not know whether this happens to only me, but every time I don’t pay attention to what I am wearing, I bump into people that make me wish the ground could swallow me.

One of those moments you decide to step out of the house in your Umoja slippers, hair uncombed and you are looking like you have just got out of bed to pick bread from the grocery shop next to your gate, is when you bump into your ex.

Whoever said you should always dress like you could meet your ex was right. You don’t want to meet him looking like tough times hit you the moment he walked out of your life.

If you have the habit of “kasita I’m going nearby” or “I will be in the car”, please stop it. In this era of 24-hour shopping centres, you meet someone in the supermarket pews and you are not sure whether they are awake or sleep-walking just because they arrived in a car.

Always have a pair of comfy trainers, sandals, a sweater or T-shirt probably with cute words, ready for such errands. A hoodie, cap or simple head wrap will save you the hustle of having to comb your hair in case you are in a rush.

Where possible, please comb. Double-check your face before stepping out. A little lip balm cannot hurt; so, apply some.

Leave whoever sees you wondering to themselves: “If she looks like this doing errands, how does she look when dressed for a big do?”