High Class Gloves: Betty’s outfit at the nightclub includes


In addition to the aforementioned reading of Genesis 1:1 in “Kathy’s Song”, their song actually titled “Genesis” contains the line “I stand in hope that God will save us from ourselves.” Offer Void In Nebraska: At some point in 2014, the digital version of Automatic mysteriously vanished from every online retailer in the United States, forcing users to either buy a physical album or jump through hopes to buy the digital album on a foreign website, possibly as the result of a record label conflict. Siamese Twin Songs: “Strata” and “Interceptor” off Matter + Form are basically one song split in two. Also, many of the intro Instrumentals count as this when combined with the first actual songs on their respective albums.

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We’ll get to it: Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last four months, you know that the lob has been the haircut of the summer. Sure, the long bob has been around for years, but something has definitely been going around in the air this year that has convinced nearly all of our favorite hair experimenting celebrities to opt for the chop. Long, flowing locks are out, the blunt long bob is in..

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