BarristerAustin Okeke writes.

It started to build up to a point where Cyril Ramaphosa the Deputy President of South Africa and that of the African National Congress the ANC, publicly broke ranks with his boss President Jacob Zuma, after Zuma unilaterally reshuffled his cabinet ministers without consultation whatsoever with any anyone except the Guptas.

The Gupta family played a leading role in plundering the South African economy in collaboration with the family of Jacob Zuma.

The aftermath of the infamous reshuffle was met with disdain by all interested parties including Cyril Ramaphosa who dismissed Zuma’s conduct with all the contempt it deserved.

What a show of sound character by the man who chaired the committee that drafted the new South African Constitution during the period the late Nelson Mandela was the President. Having participated in the historic CODESA conference (Congress of Democratic South Africa), which produced the interim constitution for the 1994 democratic elections.

A very calculated move, and at an opportune moment to reiterate to the world that ‘I am my own man’

Although his victory survived all odds but it didn’t come as a surprise to political historians, because the late Nelson Mandela deemed him fit to be his successor but Nelson Mandela had to respect the choice of the ANC at the time. The leadership of ANC then had chosen Thabo Mbeki as the successor to Nelson Mandela.

Cyril Ramaphosa, a come back kid returned to active politics just about 4 years ago when Zuma needed him for re-election to office for a second term in office.

Cyril had left politics after the end of the late Nelson Mandela’ s tenure as President; he was the Secretary General of the ANC before he became a full time business in the mining sector.

He is an astute businessman worthy of emulation. These skills he will bring with him as the President of the Republic of South Africa.

We are all created equally but gifted differently.

He is a sound and shrewd businessman of note. A task master and a career negotiator, having had a successful trade union background in the Apartheid era for that matter. A daunting task it was but he came out unscathed.

He is a pioneer and founding member of the National Union of Mineworkers whose track record is remarkable and exceptional for its maneuvering skills in spite of the harsh Apartheid legislations at the time.

Cyril Ramaphosa’s victory as the President of the ANC has ushered in the excitement, healthy and hopeful atmosphere that was last witnessed when the late Nelson Mandela was released from prison after 27 years of incarceration for his role in the struggle for democracy.

Renewal of hope is the overwhelming feeling we perceive everywhere.

Hope has indeed been restored to the teeming population of South Africans and indeed the African Continent who view South Africa as a beacon of hope for the entire Continent.

South Africans and indeed the African Continent really suffered in the hands of Jacob Zuma and the Guptas and their accomplices in the State capture schemes that saw millions losing their jobs and infrastructure decay in South Africa.

Xenophobia was rife without consequences. Africans were maimed, killed, robbed and treated like trash by Jacob Zuma and cohorts.

It is noteworthy to mention that Cyril Ramaphosa’s victory came amidst attacks and scheming by the Zuma camp who had unsuccessfully used all the State’s apparatus to bring down Cyril, including but not limited to, monetary enticements, death threats and deaths of Cyril Ramaphosa’s supporters.

Jacob Zuma unsuccessfully schemed to install his wife as his successor. What a show of impunity.

Cyril is a Venda, a minority tribe in the Limpopo province of South Africa. This should serve as a good example for all other African countries to include and embrace the minorities in their domestic politics.

The people have indeed spoken in this case, given the harsh circumstances Cyril have had to surmount in order to survive.

We are dancing to the sweet sounds of victory every on the streets of South Africa.

Hello Mr President Cyril Ramaphosa.

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