How Kit Ace’s Lululemon roots have fuelled the ‘technical


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One testing ground Lululemon outlet is in Soho, in New York City, according to Sandy Silva, an apparel industry expert at the market information provider NPD Group in Toronto.Ms. Silva said Lululemon may want to see how it works out there before investing in more space.Meanwhile, the ABC campaign has still got legs, jumping out March 26, still grabbing attention Tuesday.cheeky, it attracts attention and it begs you to go find out what ABC stands for, said Ms. Silva.a well crafted, well thought out strategy and they executed it well, she said.How Kit Ace’s Lululemon roots have fuelled the ‘technical luxury’ store’s runaway successLululemon Athletica Inc inventory issues scare investors againThe pants have a slim fitting style and are made from a stretchable, sweat wicking fabric called Warpstreme, designed all day comfort and performance in mind.

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