I recently discovered some of these fabrics while going


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The Lord said, “Here I am bringing them from the scattered land of Israel, and they have brought them to their own land. Mount Sinai Make them one nation over them.They are me Revelation 11: 45-57

Ezekiel 18: 31

Ezekiel 18: 31
From the Good News Written by John the Gospel of the Bible Many of the Jews who have come to see Jesus do what he has done Many of the chief priests and the Pharisees a council kuttiinta It is a rare person who can ceytukontirukkiraneenna signs? If the chief priests and the Pharisees had ordered him to come and tell him to come and tell him, this is the good news that Christ gives. Br>
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Rajshahi district’s ten’niyah: Hazrat Shah Makhdum (rah) Mazar, HazratShah Sultan-ud-Daula (rah) and his son Shah Abdul Hamid Dnyaneshmand (rah), five hundred years old Bagha Mosque of Bagha and Mahalpukur Dighi with Shanbangsho Ghats, Pabar Baggani Kismat Mosque, Bhubaneswar Temple, Radhakrishna’s Jhulana Mandir etc.

Chapainawabgonj ten’niyah:
Nusrat Shah, built by Sona Mosque

Panna’s ten’niyah: Chatmohar Shahi Mosque, Bhanara Mosque, Kazipara Mosque, Rafura Darbar Sharif, Jibonanga Temple, Jagannath Temple, Sri Sri Upakul Thakur’s monastery etc.

Sirajganj’s ten’niyah:
The ancient two domed mosque, Mecca awliyas mosque, Nabaratna temple, Jayasagar Shivamandir, are in Nabagram. replica Purse

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