I then further divided the perfumes into usage categories


I divided my perfumes into 50 ml and 100 ml groups. I then further divided the perfumes into usage categories perfumes I spray 3 times per wearing, perfumes I spray 5 times, and perfumes I spray 10 times per wearing (I rarely use less than three sprays or more than 10 per use). After measuring the contents of all my perfume bottles (many bottles were only partially full), I had the equivalent of (approximately) nineteen 50 ml bottles and eight 100 ml bottles (or 1,750 ml) of perfume.


Please Help make someones day a little
Please find it in your hearts to read, share, help <3 Paw It Forward <3 Friends and family, As I re-write this for the fourth time this week, I am tearing up in frustration since the signal is so poor the message won’t even save as a
Let me begin by informing you all that me and my immediate family are alive and in good
Water filters
Propane Gas stove tops (not the camping type, should connect to a 20lb tank)
solar technology (chargers, lamps, flaslights, battery run fans with batteries
mosquito nets

If you prefer to send money I can use it to buy gas, drinking water, food and other essential products that though difficult, are not impossible to find
Whatever you send that is not of my immediate need, I will add to distribution Water filters
Tarps (at least 20’x20’)
Solar technology
Mosquito nets
Food and water (could be bought locally and distributed)
First aid kits (could be bought locally and distributed)
Cleaning supplies (could be bought locally and distributed)
Personal hygiene products (could be bought locally and distributed)
Gas (could be bought locally and distributed)
Gasoline (could be bought locally and distributed)

If you would like to contribute to the work brigades, we need:
Chain saws and parts to repair them (can’t find locally)
Protective glasses
Gloves (all sizes)
Rubber boots (sizes 8-11)
Small electric generators (can’t find locally)

Finally, as some of you know, I have started my PhD in History this semester and all books assigned I was using at the library or pdf versions I downloaded since none were available at the local
Julio Elena Hernandez Peter Peter Michael Kate Chartier Marc Carlos
Please send what you can andwish to:
Yarí PO Box 360633
San Juan, PR 00936
If you wish to send money, please send a postal money order to the same
My love to you

This Wish List will ship directly to Yari, please note that some items may not ship to a PO box but others

Please find it in your hearts to read, share, help <3 Paw It Forward <3
So Far Bluebirds, We’ve got on the way to Puerto Rico, HUGS to https://www.beltsoutletses.com you’s that have purchased these items <3 Let's keep the trend going and # Share FB keeps blocking my posts they dont want us to #share
13 -Water Filters
2 -Blue Tarps
2-First Aid Bag
2 -MRE food packs
48 – cans Of pedigree
24 – Can Natures recipe
18 -pedigree pouches
32 -Cans of Friskies
48- cans of 9 lives
120- Bungee Cords
Mosquito Net
4 – Bug Spray
36 Hr Candle
Money Order

Please find it in your heart to help <3 #ONEITEMCHALLENGE #BLESSINGSFOROLLIE
<3 XoXooo <3
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