I want Islamic teachings to continue in madrasas and I am not


Approximately 145 acres in the southern portion of town, along Route 5, will now be considered an “Industrial 1 M” district. On Feb. 6, the planning and zoning commission approved the new language associated with the district.The zone change will allow biomedical research and manufacturing facilities to build in the area.

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Designer Replica Bags Therefore, I highlighted this issue.But what came out of my statement was the fact that in West Bengal there are 58 madrasas which are linked to jihadi groups. Those madrasas were training people to make bombs.I am not wrong. Google it and you will find the list.In Kerala too, there are some madrasas which were found to have terror links.Therefore, I raised these points so that these madrasas must be affiliated to the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education or the ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) board or state government boards.If they do that, then the certificates of madrasas will have value too.I want Islamic teachings to continue in madrasas and I am not opposing it.I only want the students to get modern education too so that they will become better mullahs after passing out from madrasas.If they are only taught Islamic teachings and not modern education, their future is in danger.The Sachar Committee report in 2006 says that four per cent of (Muslim) children study in madrasas and today that number has increased to 10 per cent.Mullahs have made these madrasas into chanda (donation) collecting shops. Designer Replica Bags

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