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Replica Hermes Belts Good morning BVI: we’ve been getting lots of requests from BVIslanders regarding tours we offer to
Q: How often do we have tours? A : Tour dates are given by Necker at the ending or starting at each
~summer Rates~
Q: what’s the cost and what’s including?
Q: can you tour without Gumption from Sea It clear BVI?
Q: Where do we departure from? Do you all do pick up from Tortola maybe Trills? A: we only departure from Gun Creek Noth Sound 12:30pm, Leverick’s Bay 12:35pm 12:40pm BEYC & 12:45pm Saba
Q: How long is the actual tour? Is there bathroom along the way, can we buy food, drinks? A: The tour on the island is an 2 hour’s long tour, we will pass by total of 3 bathrooms, no you can’t go to the bar to buy snakes or cold drink, but we get a nice glass of Necker Island fruit punch just before we leave & also our boat has enough water and encourage everyone to grab 2-3
Q: is there lot’s of walking/hiking? A: Yes, lot’s of walking, if you have weak knees DON’T sign
Q: is it good for children /babies? It can be a big challenging, a stroller is welcome however at a point it won’t be any use, basically any extra weight will be on you, if my hands are free I’ll help
Q: how do we pay?, do we take credit cards? A: at end of each tour before we leave Necker you can pay myself and I’ll pay Necker the same day or next
Q: How many persons we need to have on a tour & how many can we have total? Must have 6 person’s for Necker tour to happen,we sit 12 max, under 6 and willing to go more money will be
Q: can we do a private tour?
(Please note) my personal time on Necker and using my company’s boat to and from Necker cost us to run so that cost you as well (business )

Q: do we go and see sea turtles as well?
Q: what’s the difference between Gumption’s Tours BVI, Sea It Clear BVI & Gumption’s Necker Tour? A: Gumption’s Tours BVI is our company names that includes a group of activities we
Q: How to book and how far in advance? Booking by visiting website and ready full info about this tour under (nature tours) and understanding how it works, submit email provided requested
Q: how can I be reach for Necker Tour number or email? I personally or my team of Sea It Clear BVI can’t take you’re booking, can provide
Q: charging age? 6 – 12 of age is a child, over 12 will be an adult in the eyes of
Q: can we buy anything on the island?
Q: any bit of discount for BVIslanders/big group’s? Yes &
Please note, Necker guest are paying $
Please note my company does lots of give backs to the community so sometimes we will keep business 100% even if you’re
Please note I’m bit overwhelmed with inboxes, I’m only posting, please DON’T inbox me about business info, Haile Gabriel facebook is personal, we do have a Gumption’s Tours Facebook page please take questions there, Kara, myself Kevin or Justin check that
If anymore questions if you comment and I’m not busy I’ll
Proper way for Bookings
The following dates have room for the July Replica Hermes Belts.