In fasting, self-control and control are practiced when


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fasting fasting and locked himself up for food and drink lifted himself and described his soul and hair tenderness, In addition to the reduction of food and drink reduce the contact with others, and doing so please enjoy the pastries and refreshments in the vicinity, but we love food and drink during the day and the stomach at night, we do not see reverence, and do not feel the spirituality of fasting in our hearts.
If the people of education see That one reduces the contact of people at all times, how itThese blessed times, which God has called (a few days) worthy of the mind, to be careful to keep his time more frequent sitting in the House of God. In fasting, self-control and control are practiced when bleeding and stimuli.

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(said the Abu Talib of eight years from the birth of the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him to the tenth year of the prophecy forty-three – shrouded and the ordering And it is softened and softened by it and was recognized by the prophecy of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him)
Abu Talib has appealed in that poetry:
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