In order to fully support the Taiwan Marathon


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I had never thought I could jog around Sun Moon Lake on my own feet. Although my score and the fierce running friend on the board were still far behind, I at least reached my original target within 3:00 . It has been considered a very good result! Following the constellation 21K two weeks ago, the first half of the horse life, this directly challenge the 29K Lake half-horse, should also be a very memorable experience and memories of ~ ~ ~ # # Ring Lake Road run is a must do in life one thing.

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Replica Chloe Bags Support Taiwan! Taiwan marathon combined with international sports brand 361 °
physician first run group, a convenience store on the track and ice treatment after the game trilogy
events to raise the overall quality of the countdown activities
October 15 to start running on time < br> Taiwan Marathon 2017 will start grandly at Miaoli County Stadium on October 15 and wear Taiwanese shoes to run Taiwan Road. The event invites international emerging sports brand 361 ° to join the ranks of 361 ° Rio 2016 Olympics sponsor, also announced a few days ago became the Jakarta Asian Games sponsor in 2018. In order to fully support the Taiwan Marathon, 361 ° and the organizers will jointly public out a number, where the end of the same serial number, will receive a pair of the market price of about 3,180 yuan to 3,980 yuan classic running shoes. Replica Chloe Bags

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