In the tradition of “Glee,” the problems somehow seemed


Develop Your Professional VoiceWhen you search for your name in a web browser, what do you find? As you start your career, first as graduate students and later as professional historians, archivists, and educators, you will build an online body of work that may be the first thing that people learn about you. It is never too early to start thinking about crafting your presence on the web, to develop a web persona that is professional and uniquely yours. Your goals should be to engage an audience, made up of both class members and the general public cheap jerseys, to impart some information on the history of New Jersey, and to attract readers and comments.Here are some helpful articles and sites on writing blogs and comments:Matt Phillpot, How to write a blog post? The inverted triangle approach, Blogging for Historians, Aug.

JUST WONDERING: How crazy is this stat: Minnesota Wild goaltender Niklas Backstrom is 16 0 all time at home against the Edmonton Oilers. Backstrom almost started a riot when he slashed Oilers F Ryan Smyth at the end of the game. “He slashed me four times before that,” said Backstrom.

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