Indonesia court sentences radical cleric to death over 2016 attack


An Indonesian court on Friday sentenced to death radical cleric Aman Abdurrahman for inciting Islamic State-influenced militants to carry out terrorist attacks, including a deadly 2016 attack in the heart of Indonesia’s capital.

Abdurrahman immediately got down on his knees and lay down on the ground upon hearing the verdict read out by presiding judge Ahmad Zaini in the South Jakarta district court.

“The defendant did not have to directly order but he could convey his messages through his commandos.

“He only needed to provide his reasons so that his followers were convinced to carry out his orders,’’ Zaini said.

Four bystanders and four militants were killed in the 2016 Jakarta attack, which involved one suicide bomber outside a Starbucks cafe and an ensuing gunfight with police.

Police say Abdurrahman is a leader of Jemaah Ansyarud Daulah, whose members are accused of staging suicide bombings on three churches and a police headquarters last month in the city of Surabaya.

The attacks in Surabaya killed 18 people, including 10 suicide bombers from two families.

The panel of judges said Abudurrahman was also guilty of taking part in two terror attacks in 2016 and three others in 2017.

“There was nothing that exonerated him,’’ they said.

Abdurrahman had previously been sentenced to nine years in prison on charges related to a militant training camp in Aceh province.