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John George Dixon Elsie . Pete Docker Ann. Norman Dodd (a lifetime neighbour) Susan Richard Gill.

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Thomas was preceded in death by his wife, Julia Parle; parents, Stella and Don Aistrup; siblings, Penny, Dick, and Everette Parle. Thomas is survived by his children, Sherri (Bruce) Loftsgaarden and Tommy (Julie) Parle; stepchildren, Sarah (Kerry) Deatrich and Christy (Matt) Dunne; grandchildren, Chuck (Dina) Skogen, Andy Skogen, Taylor Parle, Cal O’Flanagan, Sydney Parle and Jax Naegle; great grandchildren, Kayla Skogen and Kyler Skogen; siblings, Peggy (David) Antoine, Dennis (Marcia) Parle, Glenn Parle, and Lee (Pam) Aistrup. With a visitation one hour prior at Glen Haven Chapel, 5125 W.

The surgeon has a friend. Martin (Barry Keoghan) is 16 and at first we think he’s the doctor’s boyfriend. Murphy gives him an expensive watch.

The Force Awakens, Rogue One and The Last Jedi have all proven to be big hits and critical successes. But in each case audiences had a full year between movies to gear up for the next. Solo: A Star Wars Story is slated to open in a mere five months, with Alden Ehrenreich playing a young version of Harrison Ford smuggler character, Han Solo.

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