Stay Refreshed! 9 simple steps of making Vanilla Milkshake


All you need for this refreshing drink are;

2 scoops of ice cream

3/4 cup of milk (180ml)

Vanilla extract (optional)

Whipping cream (optional),

Then, follow these instructions.

1. Get yourself a blender.

2. Get some milk (any type) and pour i up to 180ml mark on the blender.

3. Your ice cream follows, make sure it has  thawed out a little.

4. Close the lid and make sure it is closed tightly.

5. Add some vanilla extract (optional). Though it adds more of the vanilla taste that a milkshake should have.

6. Blend on a fast speed to start off with and then go on a slow er pace.

7. After you have blended the liquid, you can add more milk or more ice cream depending on how thick or runny you wan it.

8. Blend again.

9. Serve and enjoy.