Jharkhand: Authorities probe into infant deaths following vaccination in India


Authorities in India’s Eastern State of Jharkhand ordered a probe into the death of three infants after being vaccinated for Japanese encephalitis and measles, Officials said on Monday.

According to the officials, three infants died and five others were ill within eight hours of giving them the vaccination doses.

The vaccines were administered to the children in Palamu district, about 190 km northwest of Ranchi, the capital city of Jharkhand.

“It is saddening to hear about the deaths of three infants in Palamu. Orders to carry out probe into the entire incident have been issued,’’ state Chief Minister Raghubar Das said in a statement.

“Whosoever is found guilty will not be spared.’’

The children were vaccinated on Saturday, following which villagers complained the infants fell seriously ill with high fever, accompanied with vomiting.

The local government announced an ex-gratia payment of 1538 U.S. dollars for each of the bereaved families and free treatment for those undergoing treatment.