Johnson said in a statement the department “will be guided by


With a victory, Always Dreaming would head to the Belmont Stakes in New York three weeks later with a shot at winning the Triple Crown. Two years ago, American Pharoah ended a 37 year drought by winning the Triple Crown. Before that supreme hat, California Chrome in 2014 and I’ll Have Another in 2012 followed up their Kentucky Derby victories by winning the Preakness to set up Triple tries.

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nhl caps Maine has one more scholarship open after forward Kilian Cato of Finland informed the coaching staff he would skip his senior year to remain in Europe in pursuit of a professional career. Cato averaged 5.5 points last winter. Walsh said he will look to fill that scholarship this summer if he finds a player who he feels can make a big impact, but that he may hold onto it since he has yet to actually work with his new team.. nhl caps

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nba caps The officer in that incident, Jason Van Dyke, awaits trial on first degree murder charges for the death of 17 year old Laquan McDonald.Following widespread outrage over the McDonald video, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel vowed quicker dissemination of videos of police involved shootings and set guidelines for the release of all police shooting videos within 60 days of an incidentThe video released Friday did not include footage from the perspective of the officer who fatally shot O as he tried to run away from the scene, because the officer body camera did not capture it. Police said they are trying to determine why the body camera was not working at the time of the incident.Johnson, the police superintendent, invited the family of O and several activists to view the videos on Friday morning before they were released to the public.William Calloway, a Chicago activist who was among those that viewed the video, told reporters he was overwhelmed by the images.”I just tired of seeing us get killed,” Calloway said.Johnson said in a statement the department “will be guided by the facts and should wrongdoing be discovered; individuals will be held accountable for their actions.””The shooting of Mr. O has raised a lot of questions about whether departmental policies were followed,” Johnson added nba caps.