We teach children’s photography courses and children’s photography workshops year round at amazing venues and museums in Surrey and the South East.

We run photography courses for kids at Watts Gallery in Compton, various National Trust Houses, Brooklands Automotive Museum in Weybridge and at Treacle Gallery in Shere. All of our photography courses for kids are designed to teach children more about composition, the camera mechanics and most importantly, how to take a great photograph! Your child will learn how to use their own camera much better, or if they don’t have one to hand they are more than welcome to rent one of our superb Canon or Nikon cameras.

This class will train students how to see the world and their surroundings in a new way, as well as what goes into making great photos. What they will take away from this Boot Camp will help them capture the images they have always envisioned. Students will be introduced to digital photography and encourage to learn from phone cameras to DSLRs. Through an overview of how a camera works and an introduction to general digital terms students will learn camera functions and basic photography concepts, in addition to editing tools. By the end of the week, through class lectures and daily assignments, students will have learned about exposure, composition, editing and purpose in photography.

KIDS CLICKS , is a LEVEL-1 Boot camp photography workshop for children in the age group of 8 to 16 years. Children see the world in a different light and perspective. This workshop will provide a jump-start for them to ‘see’ that world in a unique way and ‘train’ their eye. Their creative perspectives and the art of expression is enhanced. In this workshop, they will learn to handle a Digital camera and learn compositions – a good ground to initiate the young photographer in them.

APPROACH: This workshop is designed to focus on “Compositions in Photography”. It is holistic in nature, giving you the opportunity to learn Travel Photography, to experiment what you learned and get an evaluation for a selected number of your images.

COURSE MODULES: The Course “Kids Clicks”, contains THREE Modules : [1] THEORY [2] PRACTICAL [3] IMAGE REVIEW

[1] Theory session: Classroom session teaching children important aspects of photography (Half day course), with hands-on learning with your camera.

[2] Practical session: Field trip to an applicable location in the city. On-the-feet guidance will be provided.

[3] Image Review: Online review will be done for a selected number of your images (post filtering)

COURSE CONTENT : Course content from the workshop will be sent as a soft copy, prior to the workshop


Duration : Half Day Theory + Half Day Practical’s + Image Review

Timing : Day 1: 8.30AM to 1.00 PM || Day 2: 8.00AM to 11.30AM

WORKSHOP FEES: For Kids Clicks – Level 1:
a. 3,500/- INR , if held at a student premise or local clubhouse.
This includes the Three Workshop Modules of the course, Course Content in soft copy format and Teaching & Guidance Fees

b. 4,200/- INR , if held at a hired boutique hotel.
This includes the three workshop Modules of the course, lunch, refreshments at the venue hired, Course Content in soft copy format and Teaching & Guidance Fees.

Gift Vouchers

We can also offer a gift voucher for a course in 2018 – we teach at different venues at different times of the year, which will give your budding photographer a choice of the types of photographs they would like to take.

Students are more than welcome to come to our base in Dorking or we can travel to a location of your choice (90p per mile travel charges/ London may have extra charges)