Kuhn allegedly became upset when the officer asked if he had


why the jays’ offence has gone awol

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Knockoff Handbags When he took out his drivers license, the officer noticed a white power. Kuhn told the officer it was Adderall, buthe couldn’t show a prescription for it Replica Bags, the affidavit states.Kuhn allegedly became upset when the officer asked if he had any illegal substances on him or in his backpack and said the officer needed a warrant to search him, police said in the affidavit.HANOVER EVENING SUNMan sentenced for attempted drug deal in McSherrystownShortly after, he allegedly admitted that he had empty heroin wax paper bags and a vaporizer he used to smoke marijuana in his backpack. He also allegedly told the officer he purchases the heroin from different people on Breckenridge Street in Gettysburg, the affidavit states.Kuhn then informed police he had several oxycodone pills in his sweatshirt pocket Knockoff Handbags.