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In the name of God the Merciful Praise be to Allah the Lord of the Worlds… Oh God, pray to our master Muhammad and his family and companions and peace, a great recognition….. Peace and mercy of God.

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replica handbags china The time of his response
O Allah, praise be to you, Hamda very much, blessed, worthy of the majesty of your face, and the greatness of your power.

God, I ask you to reconcile in my way and comfort in myself and to facilitate my mother,,,,,,,,,,

O Allah, I seek refuge in you from every sin that follows the sorrow and inherits the repentance, the supplication and the supplication.

O Allah, write me a change for the best in myself and present and achieve me what I hope and do not make me a pain and no burden – O God, do not deprive me of your goodness with a little thank you and do not let me down with a few Sabri,,,,,,,,,,,
فانت الكريم that has widened your mercy all things

O Allah, guide us, O Allah, guide us to guide we never rebound,,,,,,,,,,, وأسعدنا سعادة Do not be thirsty after you and bring down your mercy on us

Oh God, what I fear to be difficult Houneh and what I fear to be difficult pleased and what I fear to be evil Make me good and do not make me afraid of others

Lord I entrust you ادعية فاضها بها قلبي فأستجبها لي يا كريم
God bless me with joy and you are the best of the missionaries

O God, bless me with good,
God I ask you to accept between creation and to make fun of your angels and the soldiers of your land and all of the guardian of my destiny

O Lord, respond to me what I can not say I know all his call is held in my heart and I do not know how to raise it to you

– O Allah, you are my account, my agent, my strength and my weakness replica handbags china.