Last fall, the Joint Ad Hoc Blue Ribbon Task Force on Juvenile


The only other major universe we generally see is universe 1610 (thanks robbiebobbiebaldwino), which is the universe in which the characters from the Comics imprint the darker, more adult version of the 616 exist. 616 and Ultimate don interact, normally. (Except for that one time Peter Parker from 616 ended up in Ultimate and met up with his counterpart, Miles Morales, the current Ultimate Spider man.).

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Peter’s Basilica Vatican CityImage: De Agostini / Getty ImagesThe papal basilica is the cornerstone of the Catholic empire. It is an ornate and intimidating home to some of the world’s finest treasures, including the tombs of more than 100 saints and emperors and Michelangelo’s La Piet.Image: Xaume Olleros / Getty ImagesAngkor was the center of the Khmer Empire, which ruled from the 9th to 15th centuries. The megacity stretches over 250 square miles and was an impressive feat of urban planning.

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