Listeriosis strikes in Namibia

South Africa's National Consumer Commission ordered a national recall of Enterprise’s polony, frankfurters and smoked Russian products.

The Namibian HEALTH minister, Bernhard Haufiku, yesterday announced the first case of listeriosis in Namibia after a man was hospitalised in Windhoek’s Roman Catholic Hospital.

Haufiku said the 41-year-old Tsumeb man, who was diagnosed with listeriosis on Monday, bought a vienna sausage at a Tsumeb butchery.

“The patient is currently receiving treatment at the Roman Catholic Hospital in Windhoek, and is reported to be in a stable condition,” he said.

Haufiku said the country has already banned processed sausages, including viennas, russians and frankfurters, and that the ministry was monitoring the situation.

“Please do not consume any of these products from South Africa,” he said.

Listeriosis was first diagnosed in South Africa in December last year, and has to date caused close to 200 deaths and about 1 000 confirmed cases.

The products which have been identified as listeriosis threats are Enterprise processed meat products and Rainbow Chicken products.

Acting health permanent secretary Petronella Masabane yesterday said the ministry’s health inspectors are working with local authorities to ensure that the affected products are removed from shelves and been disposed of appropriately.

She said when the products were confirmed as the carriers of listeriosis in South Africa, an order was issued for their removal from shelves.

The symptoms of listeriosis are diarrhoea, vomitting, confusion, fever and chills, headaches and muscle aches. Later, it causes a stiff neck.

Those most prone to get listeriosis are pregnant women, who need to be especially careful, newborn babies and people with a weak immune system.