Medical Practitioner Seek Governments Invest In Health Sector


A medical practitioner, at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, UITH, Dr Femi Olutimi has urged all sectors of government to invest in the nations health institution.

The medical practitioner, however, urged government to ensure priority and upgrade in the sector to meet up international standard and save lives.

Olutimi stated this in an interview at Ilorin on Tuesday the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN.

He said that the health sector deserved more facilities to discourage Nigerians from medical tourism and enriching other countries.

He said that Nigerian leaders neglected the health sector since they started seeking alternative healthcare abroad rather than improving the facilities in the sector.

The so called leaders don’t patronise Nigerian hospitals since they have a resort in abroad.

“They never care to invest in the country’s health sector anymore rather they spend lavishly in sponsoring pilgrims.

Most Nigerian hospitals have been abandoned or only left with outdated medical equipment.

Nobody cares to upgrade the medical facilities, which leaves only the average and poor people to use what is left of the hospitals.

Even the salaries of the medical personnel are not enough for them that is why every time you hear of strikes in health sector because the government is not ready to invest in it.

Our leaders are the ones endangering the lives of the poor Nigerians since they are not ready to standardised the sector,” he said.

Olutimi added, Health is wealth. It is not everybody that can afford to travel abroad for medical treatment. Let the government and private individuals accept responsibility and invest in our hospitals.