NGO proposes stricter laws to curb child abuse


with a bill that would reduce offenders by reducing molesters’ access to children, and treating cases as both criminal offence and mental illness.

“The bill would give more power to the victims not the parents but the victims.

“It would involve close monitoring of people in charge of childcare and would create a red flag zone for offenders.

“We just don’t want another bill or law. The child act bill of 2003 isn’t effective as it should be.

“We want to have a clear cut law in place to make sexual molestation a crime.

“We want an agency to be in charge of this and we appeal to the public to be whistle blowers in cases of child molestation,“ she said.

Okojie, however, advised parents to communicate with their kids and pay attention to individuals in charge of their children in school and at home.