Oh God, make us with the Muhtaddin


Glory be to you, I am one of the oppressors. To the above Nasser the truth and the truth and the right to your straight paths and his family right and the amount of great – Oh God, O cute O Strong, O Aziz, Ask you to you, and be amazed by you and your people, who are you, and a comprehensive, clear, hidden, and wide-ranging family, good and honest and strong in faith and certainty and true in truth and religion and attributed to you and immortal legacy and remain and follow and not I pray to you to be magnified, not to wear it, nor to the will of corruption in the land, nor to the top. You are the most obedient, the answerable, the most gracious, there is no god but You.

A recently released report from the Center for American Progress has examined the remedial education system currently in place in the United States, calling it a hole from which students are unlikely to pull themselves out of. Teaching students what they should have learned in high school, these courses do not count toward a degree program, but still come with a financial price tag. Estimates suggest the courses are costing students and their families in all 50 states close to $1.3 billion each year..

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Magic Johnson dished 22 assists against Philadelphia on Jan. 5, 1983, then Nick Van Exel (1997) and Rajon Rondo (2011) pushed that to 23. Hall of Famer Alex English was born on Jan.

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