“Professor Eerkens says as part of the research is was found


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Valentino Cheap Bags They contacted that person and got a saliva sample from him.At the same time the professor and his team were doing DNA tests on strands of Edith Cook hair.”Then in the end we were confident enough to say 99.9 percent it a relative of this particular person,” said Eerkens.Peter Cook, 82, of Marin County was identified as a relative of Edith Cook. He said in a statement that he was “beaming ear to ear upon hearing he is the grandnephew of little Edith Cook.”Professor Eerkens says as part of the research is was found that Edith died of marasmus, which is severe undernourishment.”It likely she was sick some disease and at some point her immune system couldn combat the disease and probably went into coma and passed away.”The coffins from the Old Fellow Cemetery were moved to Colma around 1930.Somehow Edith Cook was left behind, and as the current home owners tell Elissa Davey, they often hear her.”They put two girls to bed and put they hear running feet upstairs they go is out of bed and the girls are sound asleep, said Davey.Davey says the headstone with Miranda Eve etched into it will soon be removed, and a new one will go in its place. It will say Edith Howard Cook with her birthday, death date and a verse from Amazing Grace, “I was once lost but now I been found.” Valentino Cheap Bags.