Revenue: Expert tasks media to create, deliver relevant brands


Mr Joe Onuora, Assistant Director, Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria, APCON, has advised media organisations in Nigeria to create and deliver relevant brands to raise their revenue base.

Onuora gave the advice during a discussion session on a paper titled: “Creating Ways of Generating Revenues in the Media’’, delivered by Sindy Foster, at the 13th Nigeria Guild of Editors Conference on Tuesday in Port Harcourt.

He said that the Nigerian media industry would generate more money if media organs began to create and deliver brands that were relevant to the target market.

According to him, to generally stay in business, business outfits required the ability to create and deliver products and brands that are really needed within the targeted market.

Onuara further stated that news organisations should start, adding “branding is what makes the difference between two products serving similar needs to the consumers’’.
“Today, people say newspapers carry same reports, but there is a way a particular newspaper can present itself and it will become the most-sought-after.

He added, When such newspaper earns huge demand, it will certainly sell higher volume and make more money

The APCON official also urged media organs to connect their brands and products to the right advertising targets, saying; “using the right medium to sell our products is crucial’’.
“Our desire to advertise our brands as media organs must take into account the targets and the medium capable of reaching such targets,’’ he said.