shipment is on its way I have 6 kits and 12 colors to add to


Rating: of these teams are new to the landscape of GCW . The tag team division has been revamped a lot in recent months, and the British Bulldogs The Midnight Express are major parts of the resurgence of the best tag division in the world. Jim Cornette insists that “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton “Loverboy” Dennis Condrey are the future tag team champions, and skill wise, they are talented enough to be. They just need to start manning up and fighting though. As soon as Cornette felt this match was slipping out of his team’s grasps, he made the decision to just walk out, taking the countout loss, but insisting that the Midnight Express could have won whenever they wanted to. This didn’t make Davey Boy Smith Dynamite Kid very happy, as they are looking for competition. They will get that against Dino Bravo Nikolai Volkoff in Atlantic City on February 2. The Midnight Express, meanwhile, will have their hands full with the Rock ‘N Roll Express.

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