Sisi and Imami d / Salah al-Din al-Qousi
From the poem of


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Replica Designer Handbags From the poetry of Abdullah.. Sisi and Imami d / Salah al-Din al-Qousi
From the poem of relief
Chapter XV {please} from the Diwan {Al-Ateeq}

* * * * 531 So I asked you for the light of the face &&& جليل فاق أوهمى و ظنى
532 سكرت و حقم بجمال نور &&& و ربى &&& has a throne of يتيه بالألف حصن
535 God’s soldiers keep him safe &&& and give him the safety of all things
536 And has overwhelmed me Bndak even &&& Unable to praise By any color
537 I see you with all the ghosts & && and in my sleep if my eyes are closed
538 you stay my heart and my mind &&& Between the eyelashes of my eyes and my eyelids
************* **********************
From the poems of Abdullah.. Sisi and Imami d / Salah al-Din al-Qousi
From the poem of relief
Chapter XV {Please}
From Diwan {Al Ateeq}. Replica Designer Handbags

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