Sudan pledges to assist Zambia develop modern agricultural techniques

Left, Sudanese Deputy Prime Minister Alfadil Al Mahdi with Zambia's Ambassador to Ethiopia Susan Sikaneta.

By Staff Reporter

THE Government of the Republic of the Sudan has pledged to assist Zambia develop expertise in modern agriculture techniques that would result in increased yields.

Sudanese Deputy Prime Minister, Mubarak Alfadil Al Mahdi, disclosed this during a bilateral meeting held in Khartoum with Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Susan Sikaneta, who is also Ambassador Extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Zambia.

Recently, Sudan was declared by the Food and Agriculture Organisation, as one of the African countries that has mastered modern technological advancements in the agriculture sector.

Sudanese Deputy Prime Minister,  who is also Minister in Charge of Investments, said Zambia and Sudan must consider coming up with a Joint Permanent Commission (JPC) so that both countries could tap into each other’s potential.

He also directed his Minister of Foreign Affairs to immediately start the facilitation of the JPC with Zambia.

Al Mahdi said his country would assist in training Zambians and equip them with the necessary expertise that would see them reap more benefits from the agricultural sector.

“Sudan is a huge country with fertile soil and abundant water, if irrigation farming is utilised to the maximum, we can be a bread basket of the entire continent”, he said.

The bilateral meeting was held on the sidelines of a meeting for Non Resident Ambassadors to the Republic of the Sudan and was organised by consuls from that country.

In turn, Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Susan Sikaneta, thanked the Sudanese government for offering to help teach Zambia on modern agricultural techniques.

She also commended Sudan for the measures the country was taking to sustain peace and development.

Sikaneta pointed out the National Dialogue that the Sudanese government had held with opposition political parties, civil society organisations and its people was a sure way of guaranteeing peace.

“The dialogue has come up with several recommendations and resolutions, which when implemented will no doubt bring about peace, stability, good governance and economic prosperity in Sudan”, said Zambia’s Ambassador.

The Ambassador said Zambia attaches importance to peace in the continent and was serving as a member of the AU Peace and Security Council.

She emphasised no country can develop in the absence of peace.

Ms. Sikaneta also urged other African Nations to consider dialogue as a means of resolving political differences.

The Delegation also met the Ambassador of Sudan to Zambia and agreed to work together on making sure that these projects come to fruition.

Statistics indicate that out of 36 billion acres of land in Sudan, only 30 percent is utilised for agricultural purposes, with the country exporting five million cattle to Europe every year.