Superintendents in several of the state’s larger cities


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Fake Handbags It put us in an uncomfortable situation with the commissioner, who I think has the best intentions for the kids.”Benigni said the draft statement does not reflect the views of the entire legislative committee, nor of CAPSS.”Change is always difficult, but I see firsthand in Meriden how some of these reforms are working well for children, whether it’s full day kindergarten, extended learning time Benigni said, “These initiatives are improving student outcomes. Our work in Meriden has been greatly enhanced by the support of the commissioner, the governor and the state legislators.”Several other superintendents on the legislation committee did not return phone calls or declined to comment on the record.Superintendents in several of the state’s larger cities, who are not members of the legislative committee, voiced strong support for Pryor and the reform process, including Hartford’s Christina Kishimoto, Danbury’s Sal Pascarella and New Haven’s Garth Harries.Harries said Pryor “has pushed the public school system out of the comfort zone. I have always found him to be attentive, flexible, constructive and willing to listen. Fake Handbags

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