The Golden Truth


Joseph A. Fadele

I am neither surprised nor worried by ” their” hatred for Buhari… rats and a cat can never live in the same place. Too many things divide and draw heavy distinctions between PMB and his haters: He loves Nigeria , they hate it. He thinks of Nigerians, they think of themselves and family. He is honest, they are dishonest. He has character, they lack it. He pursues the Here after , they struggle to have the world in their armpits. He is patriotic, they are greedy and selfish. He serves, they derail and enslave. He is devoid of moral stains, they are immorality personified. His past is clean and shinny, their past hunts them. They are thieves, he catches thieves. They have stolen, he wants to get back the loots. They are insects and pests, he is a powerful and effective insecticide. Fear fears him, they are afraid. They are running, Buhari is in hot pursuit. They call for division, he works on unity. They say Boko Haram, he calls Nigeria. They want Biafra, he chooses Nigeria. They shout Niger Delta, he advocates Nigeria. They shared money for arms, he is retrieving the money and buying the arms. They sponsored insurgency, he is defeating insurgency. They are like gel, he is the fire melting them. They make the noise , Buhari does the work. They are destroyers, he is a constructor. They are wailing and weeping and crying, the man is smiling, shaking, organising and hugging poor folks. How can they love him? The more they hate him, the more we love him. The more they fear, the more we feel secured. I can not choose a rusted iron and leave gold. Buhari has chosen Nigeria and I have chosen him.