The law allows a judge to compel a campaign treasurer to fill


Montour is expected to sign the order by the end of this week, starting a 30 day clock for Laureen M. Jacobs, who resigned in July as treasurer of the Maziarz campaign committee, to offer details of the amendments she made this summerto campaign finance reports for 2010, 2012 and 2013.State Election Law says all expenditures of more than $50 are to be itemized and identified on campaign financial disclosure forms filed online. The law allows a judge to compel a campaign treasurer to fill in missing information within five days of being ordered to do so, but Montour extended Jacobs’ deadline to 30 days because of the holiday season.Maziarz left the Senate at the end of 2014, but he still has an open campaign fund, which as of July contained more than $742,000.

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