the problem with the race


In the town of Index, 101 of the 114 registered voters cast ballots in the presidential election. If having a box would have increased turnout by 5 percent it would have meant another six votes cast. In Skykomish, 99 of its 133 registered voters cast ballots last fall without a box.

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METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) understand that he convicted of it, but when I talk to him or in a room alone with him, I can imagine that he did this, defense attorney Jerome Matthews said of his client, Dexter Allen.Allen is convicted of two counts of second degree murder and 19 counts of simple burglary. The jury agreed that Allen went on a crime spree in a Metairie neighborhood, breaking into several vehicles before he wandered into the Pence family home armed with a shot gun.He convicted of shooting 56 year old David Pence three times as he slept in an easy chair. Pence son, Nicholas, was playing video games.

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