They point to the direction to where we’re headed


As you would expect from such a well known brand, these touchscreen gloves from North Face are a class act. North Face manufacture products that are even suitable when you are up a mountain, so if you are likely to be in such a place with your iPhone, you may have met your perfect match. Made from a patented fabric that keeps your hands warm without being too bulky, these gloves also feature silicon grips on the palm, with more comprehensive silicon pads on the index finger and thumb.

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A man was fatally shot Wednesday evening in the Southwest Side Little Village neighborhood. In the 2600 block of West Luther when someone opened fire from a vehicle, hitting him in the head, according to police and the medical examiner’s office. Martinez, who lived on the same block, was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he died..

If you traveled in a time machine back to 1989 and turned on MTV, you’d see a Tone Loc video. He had two hits, both of which were about his dysfunctional and at times clearly illegal sexual habits. The first was “Wild Thing” and the second was “Funky Cold Medina,” after which humanity politely asked him to stop making music..

Princess Cruises are becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst British cruisers and when reviewing what they have to offer as a cruise line it’s clear why. Billing themselves as the consummate host’ in their brochures, adverts and leaflets, they appear to tick all the boxes for destinations, variety of ships, onboard facilities, outstanding service, new experiences and much more. In fact, their cruise holiday offering is so entirely comprehensive, it’s difficult to narrow their highlights down to just ten!!! Top of any list to consider has to be the cruise line’s destinations and Princess don’t disappoint with their wide selection of worldwide ports of call.

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